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Way back in the 80’s in the exotic Essex town of Southend-on-Sea Fred was born.
An idyllic childhood was spent immersed in comic books, skateboarding and his parents taste in music.
Later in the 90’s Fred had thankfully developed his own musical preferences and spent many of his after school hours helping out at a pirate radio station. In a time when CD’s had eclipsed cassettes he earned the moniker ‘Retro Fred’ from his mates who mocked his record bag of ‘old skool’ vinyl and homemade mixtapes.
Fast forward to many years later and whilst much has changed the nickname has stuck.
After years working in the fashion industry Fred decided it was time to start his own label. Inspired by his love of art, design and nostalgia Retro Fred‘s was born.

Often found buried deep in ideas the team at Retro Fred’s have a unique outlook on life. Fusing beloved icons with the seasons key trends their bold printed designs offer a colourful and often nostalgic take on streetwear. The purveyors of good stuff.